lessons learned on developing leaders

Pastor Bob Roberts shared these amazing insights about what he’s learned in developing leaders:

  1. You live the life and do the stuff you talk about.
  2. You teach first from what you’ve experienced.
  3. They have to be around you in your context.
  4. You have to hold people accountable.
  5. You give them bite-size things and watch them.
  6. Watch what’s unique about them and help them discover their own uniqueness.
  7. You have to let them see you for who you really are–your good and bad.

Read the full blog post for how all of this plays out.

Dr. Bob Roberts, Jr., founding pastor of NorthWood Church, a fast-growing church near Dallas/Ft Worth, TX, is a leading practitioner and writer on glocal—local and global—transformation of individuals, churches, communities and nations. Roberts’ unique principles have transformed the people and ministry at NorthWood and its 80 (and counting) church plants and impacted “adopted” nations throughout the world. He is the founder of GlocalNet, a network of like-minded leaders who are advancing a glocal church multiplication movement that connects the body of Christ worldwide. He has also authored 2 books, Glocalization: How Followers of Jesus Engage a Flat World and Transformation: How Glocal Churches Transform Lives and the World.

2 thoughts on “lessons learned on developing leaders

  1. Arthur Hsu

    Leaders who are able to be honest about their good works (that it all comes from God) as well as their sinful mistakes (that it all comes from them) truly reveal a teachable heart towards their community of faith. Leaders do fail and they do fall. Those who are willing to go through the accountability process in humility can become excellent servants for the church. Thanks Bob!

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