L2 Foundation’s first 7 years

L2 Foundation is a private foundation that seeks to develop the leadership and legacy of Asian Americans by providing support and resources. L2 Foundation serves ministry and professional leaders, empowering them to fulfill God’s calling.

  1. bless & affirm & encourage & empower the next generation Asian Americans
  2. connecting Asian American leaders for innovation and healthy leadership development
  3. connecting & mobilizing Asian American legacy partners to invest in the next generation Asian Americans

These are all wonderful words that describe the exciting vision of L2 Foundation to invest in the next generation, also known as English-speaking 2nd generation. There is so much potential in this next generation, and our role is to discern the appropriate strategic initiatives that can make a greater impact to benefit many people. Often I’ve explained this at a 10,000-foot view, and I thought it’d be helpful to provide a historical review to show you what that actually looks like. Click on the green “play” button below for a pictorial history of L2’s first seven years.

You may also view the video of the founders Paul & Alice Chou to get an inside look at why they started L2 Foundation and the Triangle Youth Fellowship.

1 thought on “L2 Foundation’s first 7 years

  1. peterqnguyen

    I am have been more than grateful for encouragement and affirmation from Paul, Alice, and DJ! Their incredible heart and passion for the next generation is such an inspiration to us all. I excited for the great things coming ahead for L2 and the many more lives their foundation will impact over the upcoming years.

    Thank you, Paul, Alice, and DJ for your commitment to the next generation!

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