Q day 1 morning session

I get to the Tabernacle for the Q just in the nick of time. Things start right up at 10:05am with an introduction from Gabe Lyons. Each speaker gets 18 minutes to talk and that’s it [that visible ticking clock can be intimidating.]

Gabe Lyons: Q is about you. It’s not about the speakers. Every participant’s name and email is in the Q book. Fermi Project is about doing a few small things that are focused and intentional, which will have great long-term impact. It’s meant to be provoking. Ask questions. Enter conversations.

culture: it’s everything around us.. it’s the air we breathe.. grouping of artifacts and institutions that create community.. make of 7 channels of cultural influence: media, arts & entertainment, business, education, government, church, social sector… historically the church has been in the middle of that..

future: your actions today create the future..

gospel: things that were beautiful were broken, fallen.. redemption in Christ, renews all things that we put our hands too.. being incarnational.. much more than just personal salvation.. grasp this fuller story..

[I got distracted by text messages from Gideon Tsang, so I didn’t note what he said about church]

Essentially, Gabe highlighted what he wrote in the recently published Fermi Short titled, Influencing Culture: An Opportunity for the Church [a most excellent read, highly recommended]

Gabe tells the story of the Tabernacle.. and the restoration of the chandelier.. if only we had eyes to see..

Andy Crouch | Stepping into culture @ 10:27am

taking a walk through history, how Christians had been an essential part of culture and life.. what kind of postures the church has taken towards culture: condemn, critique, copy, consume..

proposes a new posture for the church toward culture: cultivate (Gen. 2:15) and create (Gen. 2:19).. God creates, and then leaves a space for man to create too.. God invites Adam to name the animals God created, and what he named it, that’s what it was named..

there are right gestures the church should and can do for certain things in culture: condemn Nazis, critique art, copy worship forms, consume baguettes.. the problem is when gestures become postures..

how culture is created: 3 or 4 at the core living and dreaming and creating.. 12 committed help create it.. 120 help build it.. discern: where are you called to cultivate & create..

Andy has posted his slides that he talked through at www.culture-makers.com/resources/q2007 [this is the correct URL to the PDF]

Rick Warren (Saddleback Church) @ 10:55am

church is the hope of the world, it’s the only thing that’ll last.. if I knew of anything more important to do, I’d do it.. I want to invest in this next generation, the transformation generation .. 1/2 of Saddleback staff is under 30..

how do you be in the world and not of the world.. it’s not programmatic, it’s personal.. not strategy, a lifestyle.. not really about innovation, about incarnation.. you are the message.. when it comes to engaging culture, it’s all about you..

it’s not one culture, but cultures.. geography is far more important than age.. takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.. the purposes don’t change, but the way we fulfill the purposes has to change..

the keys to engage culture: humility, integrity, generosity, civility, clarity

humility: the reason we haven’t engaged is because of arrogance, it’s not denying your strengths, it’s being honest with our weaknesses.. it’s teachability to learn from other people.. willingness to learn..

the ideas I’ve had about Saddleback I’ve had since I was 25, but no one wanted to listen then; now that it’s had some influence, people want to listen.. who is the 25 year old Rick Warren we need to listen to today.. learn and listen.. we’re better to together..

these keys are the antidote to the world – lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, pride of life.. Christians have taken 2 extremes.isolation or imitation.. answer is incarnation and infiltration.. some churches want to be create and cute rather than effective.. I’m addicted to changed lives..

people will always need to be loved.. meaning, purpose.. make your message simple..

Catherine Rohr | redeeming justice @ 11:15am

interview by Mike Foster about her prisoner entrepreneur program.. incredible stories of equipping entrepreneural prisoners to make a positive contribution to society through their business skills..

Kevin Kelly (futurist & founding editor of Wired) @ 12:11pm

“The next 1000 years of Christianity”

.. was part of a project in building a 10,000 year clock to help us to think long-term.. what would that mean for Christianity.. “The future belongs to those who inhabit it.”

1000 years in the future is only 13 generations.. what was it like back 1000 years ago: gospel, church, culture, future.. noted the invention – technology of printing.. it changed culture.. “science” was also a new technology that emerged..

what’s embedded in Christian culture today that’ll come out in the next 13 generations? let’s look at 2040, half a generation away: end of baby boomers, shrinking world population, age-wave youth precious; China will overtake the US as largest economy; city planet 80% will live in cities…

[incomplete random notes] futurists use “boundary of plausible” to anticipate future.. explored shift of center of Christianity to South and East… number of Christian denominations is 40,000, extrapolated to maybe 300,000 in 40 years.. fertility rate is dropping, and has a dramatic effect on world population.. we are alive in the first time in history when we’ve had a blip

[first time ever] Humans have only ever experienced a rise in prosperity in parallel with a rise in population.

One central question (for future) is whether we remain one species or many.

the Christian brand: Counterculture, healing, intolerant (hope these are incorrect, but these are what people think now)

possible futures: What about a sympathetic Hollywood Christian hero? Scripture tattoos? Purple Christians? “How Europe became Eurabia – an Islamic history of Europe”?

What we do today will affect the future.